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Tips & Advice

Tips when hiring a trades person

Check references of person in question.

Ask for previous customers and call them to see if they were happy with result

Check their rating in the HomeWise.ie directory.

Ask for proof of insurance.

Ask the company to provide a copy of their insurance certificate. General Liability insurance typically covers a contractor for accidents that occur while the contractor is working. However, there are exclusions to coverage, and you should confirm the actual scope of the contractors coverage

Before work begins verify all the details and get them in writing

Get the details on company letterhead and ensure it contains the following;

- the company's name, address, phone numbers, and license number (if applicable)
- the consumer's name, address (where work is to be performed), and phone numbers
- date when it is written
- a detailed description of the work that is going to be performed
- amounts associated with each task included in the project
- amounts assocated with materials covered in the cost of the project and those costs that are not included
- an anticipated/estimated start and finish date and what happens in case of delays or changes
- a payment schedule
- a termination clause
- a clause that protects the homeowner from any potential damages should any accidents occurring while project is in progress

Once project is complete go to HomeWise.ie and rate & review the service in question