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Advertising Options

Advertising on HomeWise.ie lets you reach a highly targeted audience of over 100,000 customers actively spending on home & garden products & services every month. Not only that, it's also an extremely cost effective and fully measurable form of advertising.

If you're interested in seeing what HomeWise.ie can do for your business please read on or contact us for more information.

Banner Advertising

We offer a wide range of advertising options, from banner and skyscraper ads to custom solutions. All of our advertising packages are fully customisable so that your ads will only appear in the categories and areas that you want.

You can pinpoint your specific audience:

  • Geographically – your message can be targeted at a particular region or various regions depending on your location/distribution.
  • Demographically – HomeWise.ie reaches Internet users who are home owners.
  • By category - communicate with those actively seeking your trade/service/material/product, they don’t need to know your business name.

Our advertising packages are also fully measurable, allowing you to see exactly how many times your ad is seen in and how many click-throughs you get on a daily basis.

Please contact us for further details.


For those of you who need a more tailored solution to your advertising needs, we are happy to assist you in creating a customised sponsorship package.

Please contact us to discuss the options available.