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HomeWise.ie is Ireland's only Home & Garden Search Engine. With over 100,000 customers visiting every month this is your opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience. Whether you're a supplier, tradesman or advertiser, can you afford to miss this opportunity?

Suppliers & Tradesmen

List amongst 55,000 other suppliers & services or pay to be a featured listing. A featured listing ensures that when your potential customer is looking for your products or services that they find you.

100,000 visits from your potential customers each month. A prime opportunity to be presented to them as a quality supplier or service when they search for your product or service.

With over 50% of the Irish population (2.06 million people) using the Internet regularly, a significant number of your potential customers are online. Whether they need a landscaper, a new kitchen, a new garage door in an area you supply to, a featured listing will ensure that your details appear in front of them.

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Advertising on HomeWise.ie lets you reach a highly targeted audience of over 100,000 customers actively spending on home & garden products & services every month. Not only that, it's also an extremely cost effective and fully measurable form of advertising.

To find out more about our banner advertinsing and sponsorship solutions, see our advertising options.

HomeWise.ie Marketing Campaigns

HomeWise.ie carries out ongoing marketing campaigns to ensure your business is being promoted to your target customers.

PR Campaign
  • Internet
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, workshops
  • Print
  • Newspaper advertising campaign
  • Flier/Poster distribution
Internet Advertising
  • Banner Advertising
  • Viral Marketing: Targeted email campaigns
  • Pay per click advertising
Joint Marketing Initiatives
  • Affiliate marketing work with partners to refer new users to HomeWise.ie
Incentive Programs
  • Competition and Award schemes for both consumers and trade
Referral programs

Search Engine marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Joint marketing initiatives with consumer portals
Direct Marketing
  • suppliers & other channels