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"Through the HomeWise.ie quotation service, we receive regular customer leads. Such advertising which is measurable and produces results makes perfect sense."
Senator Windows, Dublin

"We have found HomeWise.ie a very cost effective way of getting our business on front of people who are in the market for a new home. We have been very surprised at the number of customer requests we have received since signing up with HomeWise.ie. We would recommend this fully measurable form of advertising without hesitation."
Warmhomes, Carlow

"We signed up with Homewise.ie shortly after establishing our business in May 2006. To date we have found it to be the most cost effective and efficient way of advertising. We advertised in small local newspapers as well as larger newspapers and got the odd call here and there. Over time we came to realise that the price we were paying to advertise in these papers was just not worth it in comparison with the jobs they were drawing in. So we dropped that form of advertising and stuck with Homewise.ie. For a small monthly fee we have exposure to clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is no other for of advertising that can do that. The staff have always been so friendly and were really behind us from the start. I cannot speak highly enough of Homewise.ie and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone in the Construction Industry."
All Good Construction, Cork

"HomeWise.ie is a very effective way to reach new customers. Previously we had no understanding of the Internet and its benefits, now we see how it links our business to all those customers who are using it. HomeWise.ie is a perfect method of doing this. Since we have advertised on HomeWise.ie we have received regular leads through the online quotation service and calls from others who have found our details there. We have found HomeWise.ie to be far more effective than any other advertising or directories we have used. We would recommend it highly."
Joe Holt Building Services, Wicklow

"Without a doubt, HomeWise.ie is by far the best way we've advertised - ever! For a new business trying to get noticed, your site really got us out there in a big way. And obviously jobs we have received from your advert have led to many others, through the rate & review tool, word of mouth really prompted more business, so the possibilities are endless. We WERE not being big internet users, however we have now changed our views and believe all types of people can and will check sites like yours out. As a result of HomeWise.ie, we have taken on 2 latvian carpenters as a result of your site, not only increasing the business by 100% but also increasing the company size by 200%. So thanks again to HomeWise.ie for all you and your business has done for us."
James Barrett Carpentry Services, Wicklow

"Since advertising on HomeWise.ie we are getting regular quality customer leads. We have found the service to be very effective in generating new business. Our advertising costs have already been covered and we signed up only 2 months ago. We also find the review and rating system a great way of promoting our service levels, word of mouth has always been important in our business and now this is applied using the internet through the review and rating system on HomeWise.ie."

"Smart, effective way to get new customers. Far more effective and cost efficient than print or other forms of advertising. We would recommend using HomeWise.ie to any business. They are easy to deal with and bring great results to your business."
A1 kitchens, Dublin, Keith

"We are very pleased with the service offered by HomeWise.ie. It is very cost effective, measurable and generates local leads for our business on a regular basis. As a business they are easily to deal and bring more business than any other method we have tried to date."
O'Rourke Well Drilling, Wexford

"HomeWise.ie is a powerful way of reaching new customers. With the large number of Internet users now in Ireland it is important for any business to get a presence on the Internet. Before we heard about HomeWise.ie we were very sceptical about the Internet. HomeWise.ie provided a cost effective way for us to take the step to getting our business on the Internet without a large upfront investment. They not only provided the mini website but more importantly brought new customers to us. We would recommend using HomeWise.ie to get your business on the Internet - an excellent service"
Tom Collins Electrical Services, Dublin

"Since becoming a member of Homewise.ie, we have received approximately one enquiry a month. The enquiries that we have received to date have been rewarding for both our customers and us. No timewasters on either side of the fence and the customer/supplier reciprocation has been fantastic to say the least."

"I have tried newspapers and magazines since starting the business but have found, to date, that Homewise is the most effective method of advertising we have purchased and worth every cent."

"We are really pleased with the amount of quality work that we have taken on since advertising our window cleaning business on the Homewise.ie website."
eMKay Window Cleaning Services, Matt Knowlden