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About HomeWise.ie

HomeWise.ie offers the largest most comprehensive online directory and information centre on Home Improvements in Ireland.

With over 55,000 suppliers and services for all home planning, building, decorating, repairs & maintenance, all materials, furnishings, fittings & appliances HomeWise.ie will provide you with the contacts you need in your local area on your home improvements project.

HomeWise.ie is not only a directory, it also applies the 'word of mouth' theory to the Internet. So if you have used a supplier or service, go back into HomeWise.ie and rate & review that supplier or service based on your experience, enabling fellow homeowners/users to benefit from your experience.

Similiarly before you use a service or supplier you can read other users ratings & reviews enabling you to make an informed choice and screen a supplier & service to ensure they can carry out your project the way you want it carried out, before making contact.

In addition to information on services and suppliers, a range of products & materials can be purchased online through HomeWise.ie partners.

All home & garden services & suppliers can be sorted by geographical area and selected based on homeowner’s rates & reviews.

All reviews & ratings will be monitored before posting on the website. HomeWise.ie offers you the quickest route to your best local suppliers & services for you. So you have all the information you need to get on with your home improvements project, wherever you are.

We specialise in using Internet Marketing to ensure maximum exposure for our featured suppliers & services. We provide high quality search engine marketing and online advertising solutions. Our objective is to always ensure that customers get the highest possible return on their featured listing.