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Online Mapping - New

Our mapping technology has recently been updated. You can now view all plotted suppliers in an area on one map, making it easy to plan where you're going. Just look out for the symbol at the top of the search page.

You can also view detailed maps of individual supplier locations allowing you to pinpoint exactly where they are.
Mapping Example

Over 55,000 Listings

We're continually growing our listing database, in order to bring you the most complete source for Irish Home & Garden information online.

Thousands of Reviews

At HomeWise.ie our customer reviews are a key part of what we offer. We have thousands of reviews from customers just like you.

These reviews are compiled into average ratings which are easily viewed as you search the site. You can also read detailed review information for any supplier at the click of a button.
Reviews Example

Supplier Details

Once you've found the supplier or tradesman you're looking for, you can view detailed information about them as well as getting their contact details.
Supplier Details Example

Online Quotations

Our online quotation system allows you to submit quotation requests without ever having to leave your house.

Discussion Boards

If you're having trouble finding the answer to your question in the rest of our site, why not try our discussion boards.
Discussion Boards Area

News and Information

Keep up to date with the latest trends and information with our news & info section.
News & Info Area