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Why the Heck Would I Want a Concrete Patio? - Thu 28 Dec 2006
So You Want to Build a Deck - Mon 08 Jan 2007
Decking Parts And Structure Explained - Tue 09 Jan 2007
Composite Decking Considerations-Maintenance & Fasteners - Thu 01 Feb 2007
Planning To Build The Perfect Deck? Get Advice From Oprah, Janka And Google Before You Diy! - Thu 01 Mar 2007
Increase the Quality of Life With Home Improvement - Tue 26 Feb 2008
Front Porch Ideas - Take Your Porch to the Next Level With DIY Upgrades - Fri 03 Apr 2009
A Buyer's Guide to Sustainable Woods Like IPE Decking - Thu 12 Nov 2009

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