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Gas Heaters for Sunrooms

Wed 20 Dec 2006 - 09:39

Gas Heaters for Sunrooms
By Ken Wilssens

When it comes to keeping your sunroom warm, the glass itself will take care of most of your heating. However, if you live in a climate where it gets very cold you will probably need a different source of heating. This is where you can use gas heaters. Sunrooms do tend to get cold in the winter months and another source of heat is a good idea. Gas heaters can provide this extra heat. If your home is heated with gas already, it would probably be very easy, when you build your sunroom, to have gas heat as the main heating. If this is not the case, then you can install portable gas heaters, which will do the same thing. However when using gas you have to make sure that the room is well ventilated.

Of course, there are other sources of heat for your sunroom. Some people install wood stoves or they run the heating system into the floor. The advantage with a portable gas heater is that if you renovate they are very easy to move plus they will certainly keep you warm during the cold months. If your sunroom is a new addition to your home it may not be so easy to run your current source of heat into this room and sometimes it is impossible. So this is when you have to rely on a heating source that is easy to install and provides the same warm as any other heating source.

Regardless of the heat source you choose to use, you should always do your research before you decide on what you want. You need to look into the cost as well as the heat that the source provides but the most important fact is to check out the safety of each heating system that's on the market. If there is not enough ventilation with gas it can become very dangerous and it is very important to have it installed properly.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ken_Wilssens

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