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How Do You Soundproof a Room?

Thu 17 Dec 2009 - 11:28

How Do You Soundproof a Room?
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ray_B_Spencer]Ray B Spencer

There are many different reasons to soundproof a room. Maybe you have a neighbor that can't stand your music, or maybe you live in an apartment with thin walls. The best method will depend on the reason you need to soundproof, and the kind of structure you're working on.

In the best case scenario, you would construct your room from materials that have strong sound absorption properties. This can be cheaper and much more effective than trying to fix a room after-the-fact. Unfortunately, in many cases, people find themselves needing to inexpensively soundproof a room that's already in an existing structure. This is less effective, but it can be done if you understand how sound dampening works.

Sounds travel as waves through the air, and they cause objects to vibrate. The vibrations help transfer sound from one room to another. The basic idea of dampening is to block sound with objects or surfaces that are anti-vibrational. Objects that work well for soundproofing include softer items like cloth or carpet. Another thing that can block sound is uneven surfaces which have a tendency to absorb sound.

A basic example of soundproofing would be adding carpeting to a room, or hanging some curtains. These things won't make your room perfectly soundproofed, but they make a difference. You can take the whole thing a step further by covering the walls and ceiling of your room. Some people get very effective soundproofing by hanging carpet or cardboard egg cartons on their wall. There are also special sprays that people use that create uneven surfaces and absorb sound. Sound absorption methods are cumulative, and you may need a combination of techniques to achieve the level of soundproofing you desire.

Using simple methods like these, you can inexpensively soundproof anything from a music studio to an apartment. It's obviously better if you can construct a soundproof room from scratch, but these techniques will get the job done.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ray_B_Spencer http://EzineArticles.com/?How-Do-You-Soundproof-a-Room?&id=3438170

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