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Traditional Oak Joinery For Your Home and Restoration Projects

Thu 13 Aug 2009 - 14:09

Traditional Oak Joinery For Your Home and Restoration Projects
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=John_Fanthorpe]John Fanthorpe

In modern times, so many of us are considering self build and self management projects when producing a new home or maybe a property for financial investment or resale. Many of us, by the time we have managed to struggle our way through finding an architect that we can relate to, and finally getting plans passed through the appropriate planners, we then just need to take a deep breath.

Now the project really starts. Hopefully we have found a main contractor or maybe a good self employed builder who if helpful and will guide us on our root to building a new home.
So often one of the main parts of the contract being exterior windows, doors etc can so easily be left behind and left late on ordering so as not to be able to purchase the type and design that you really would like.

We have been manufacturing hardwood joinery within our family business for many more years then I can remember. Oak windows and doors have become more and more popular over the last few years for renovations and brand new projects and of course the large self build market. It is so important that all these feature items are made to to your design as they are the make or break of the final project. So many joinery companies just give a price taken from your plans with no detailed drawing of each item of joinery. We now insist on giving a detailed drawing of every window and door etc with an individual price on each article of joinery.This allows the client to be able to uprate or change any part or detail to their choice. We are then able to send that updated drawing back by email that just takes a few moments with an up to date price.

Oak windows and doors and general hardwood joinery is so often mass produced with large machinery which just can not be flexible enough to produce exactly what the client wants. To overcome this problem we have always made our joinery with individual machines that are tooled with modern cutters for the finest finish. Many of these machines are several years old and have been rebuilt for modern accuracy but are solid unlike much of the machinery in to days age within our through away world.Each peace of Oak or hardwood is man handled by the joiner or craftsman so as to make sure this comes up to the standard required. It is important that every joint in the window or door is still made up of the good old mortice and tenon or slot and tenon system that was used hundreds of years ago and has stood the pace of time. Modern adhesives can now be applied that will give your joinery an even stronger longer lasting life.
To use these methods does not necessarily come at a higher cost and gives the advantage that you get what you really want. Smaller joinery companies have less overheads and often employ the real craftsman who will have completed a full apprenticeship. He will be happy to work by hand or machine. The smaller companies rely upon word of mouth for good workmanship and take pride in what they produce.

After you have purchased your joinery think about laying a Solid Oak or engineered oak floor. Again if purchased from the right company, this can cost little more then a good quality carpet and gives a fantastic quality finish and feel to your new home.

JF Joinery is based in N Devon and is a family run Company. We take pride in offering a bespoke personal service. Many of our clients we have been producing joinery for come from all over the country, and we even export hardwood joinery to Australia.

Each project that we undertake we always give a full estimate and full detailed drawings of each joinery item. All the Oak that we use is a joinery quality European Oak. Idigbo is also another hardwood similar in color that has become very popular and at more economical price. We welcome any inquires, and will do our best to offer the best possible personal service.

Web sites: http://www.jfjoinery.co.uk http://www.jfjflooring.co.uk

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Fanthorpe http://EzineArticles.com/?Traditional-Oak-Joinery-For-Your-Home-and-Restoration-Projects&id=2697661

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