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Improving Your Fireplace With Gas Log Accessories

Tue 21 Apr 2009 - 13:43

Improving Your Fireplace With Gas Log Accessories
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Jonathan_Goodman]Jonathan Goodman

Fireplace gas logs, both vented and unvented form the main gas based fireplace accessories. They have been a popular source of warmth with the fireplace lovers over the past two decade. These can be used on an existing wood burning fireplace with a reliable chimney set up. They are available with multi-function safety controls which prevent the fireplace gas going into the living area.

Gas fireplace logs are of two main types, vented and ventless otherwise called vent free. Millions of people across the United States use vented gas logs in their fireplaces. They are available in varying lengths that range from 12 inches to over 60 inches. They are available in different styles and finish.

Vented logs are the most realistic substitute for wood fire. They are not as fire efficient as the ventless logs and are costly too. If they are used on Natural gas, they consume 50,000 to 90,000 BTU/HR of Gas which costs from 40 cents to 80 cents per hour.

On the other hand if you use propane, the cost comes to about 60 cents to $ 1 per hour. Since their efficiency is rather low, they return only about 10% of the heat to the home. The rest of the heat goes out of the chimney quite the way it goes out of the conventional wood fireplace.

The reason why vented gas logs are preferred is that they burn the gas dirty which means that they give out yellow flame that appears like the wood flame. You enjoy the sight of the glowing embers which add to the charm and appear realistic.

Another advantage with the vented logs is their flexibility as they can be hauled around and repositioned. You can also add branches and pine cones. They can also be operated with remote controls and wall switches. If you are not keen about getting heat, but enjoy the psychological warmth through realistic fire, then vented gas logs are for you.

Unvented gas logs are a recent addition to the popular gas log sets. Their sales and popularity is challenging the vented gas logs. The beauty of the unvented log sets is that they produce the yellow flame and also provide a clean burn. Moreover they have practically no impact on the quality of the air at home. In fact unvented gas logs work on the technology of special burner design of kitchen gas range and, therefore, have the same clean, smokeless flame.

Unvented logs achieve a high degree of efficiency due primarily to the fact the damper can be closed. They emit a small amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor which remains within the control. They are also more economical. They burn Natural gas at the rate of 10,000 BTU/Hr to 30,000 BTU/HR which costs from 6 cents to 30 cents per hour.

The unvented gas logs too have yellow flame and glowing embers but they do not look as realistic as those from the vented. You cannot reposition or add more logs or branches in unvented logs. You cannot similarly use remote controls and thermostats as you can do in case of vented gas logs. More ver it is not recommended that you use unvented logs for full time heating. You should also not use them while you are not close to them or sleeping.

Unvented logs are like open fire and you must take normal precautions that need to be taken for such fires. Unvented logs generate too much heat, so you have to protect wood surfaces, mantels and shelves above the fireplace. They also work during power failures. You should go for unvented gas logs if you want to replace your wood fireplace and want to heat your room, but you must remain present there.

About The Author: Jonathan Goodman is the owner of Market Merchants an online retailer specializing in home and garden products. My passion for bbq grilling and fireplaces is the core focus of Market Merchants. I am a member of the Hearth Patio Barbeque Association (HPBA), the National BBQ group (NBBQ), and the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). We sell these products because we love them and are passionate about consumer living needs. So whether its furniture and decor, home improvement, kitchen and dining, or outdoor living Market Merchants brings a dedicated commitment to the customer and a passion for high quality products. Visit Market Merchants for a wide selection of gas logs</A> from our fireplace and accessories</A> department.

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