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Radon Tester

Fri 16 Jan 2009 - 10:49

Radon Tester
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Peter_Gitundu]Peter Gitundu

Radon is a radio active gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless and cannot be detected by our natural senses. Due to this fact, radon tester remains the only way of finding out whether our houses are contaminated with this gas or not. Today, this test kits are simple to use and we can all use at home to ensure that it does not accumulate in our houses. Exposure to this deadly gas can even lead to lung cancer.

The situation gets worse when you're a smoker and in fact, if you get exposed to radon when you're a smoker, then you'll be more prone to lung cancer. With the right information on this gas, then it becomes quite easier to deal with it and thus testing your house is one step to fighting it.

If you've not yet tested the levels of this gas in your house, then you definitely have no good reason why. This is because radon detectors are free of charge and as if not enough, the mailing and laboratory fees are also covered. On the other hand if you wish to buy one, they'll go for only $10 or less. However, they can be acquired for free from local health offices around the globe.

One may opt for a long-term or a short-term radon detector, but which ever the case, you should make sure that you follow the laid down instructions for accurate results. Nevertheless, when both are used, they give more reliable results. If you choose to put a tester in your house, then please postpone any renovations until the test is finished. This way you'll have accurate results.

Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Radon. For More Information on Radon test, Visit His Site at [http://www.merpetsales.com/radon/Radon-Tester.php]RADON TEST. You Can Also Add Your Views About Radon test At My Blog here [http://merpetsales.com/2008/04/09/radon-is-the-heaviest-of-its-kind-when-at-room-temperature/]RADON TEST

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Gitundu http://EzineArticles.com/?Radon-Tester&id=1882730

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