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Ceiling Restoration of Your Home or Office

Fri 15 Aug 2008 - 13:05

Ceiling Restoration of Your Home or Office
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Sajith_Joseph]Sajith Joseph

Your house is your lifetime asset. Some times you think about renovating the house not because it's getting old, but because you feel the need for vibrant colours in your house. Repainting is one of the main things we consider while renovating the home.

Consider altering the mood of your home by painting your ceilings. The new colour above your head will significantly change the look and feel of your room. Even a hint of colour can make a difference. A light peach on the ceiling will lighten a room with a warm rosy shade much more than a cold white.

Systematic planning is the key to any home improvement project. If you are going to repaint your ceiling you will require tools and equipments like ladders, sponges, brushes, paint, thinners, tray, sandpaper and so on.

Prior to painting the ceilings, you will need to remove any fittings such as ceiling fans and light fittings. You will also have to repair any defects in the ceiling such as cracks, holes, dents or lumps. Painting the ceiling is always a complicated job as it involves continually reaching above your head and moving your ladders to reach the right place. The light frequently makes it difficult to see cracks and defects from up on the ladder, which are absolutely noticeable from the ground.

There are various types of paints that is either water-based or solvent-based that produces different finishes. Any ceiling can be restored to a new form at a fraction of the cost of renewal with the ceilcote process.

ProCoat UK Ltd is an international company whose unequaled reputation for cost effective [http://www.ceilcote.com/html/ceiling-restoration.html]ceiling restoration includes all types of [http://www.ceilcote.com/html/ceiling-cleaning.html]ceilings, including suspended mineral fiber and metal.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sajith_Joseph http://EzineArticles.com/?Ceiling-Restoration-of-Your-Home-or-Office&id=1403384

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