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Architectural Gas Fireplace

Wed 22 Nov 2006 - 14:00

Architectural Gas Fireplace
By Eric Morris

Not all of us use a fireplace nowadays, but a traditional hearth still ignites the feeling of being at home. The presence of a fireplace is very dramatic and helps set the mood. Fireplaces are used in homes, hotels, restaurants and commercial places. The mantels and chimneys create a warm, friendly and welcoming ambiance.

Fireplaces have been in existence forever. It is just the use of fire that has changed over the years. Romans built fireplaces to depict their majesty and power, whereas the Victorians specifically designed fireplaces to welcome family and friends in the winter. There are different types of architectural fireplaces. Some are made of wood that are hand carved, or stone mantels that offer the elegance and pomp second to none. Marble is used widely for the production of fireplaces.

There are many companies that manufacture architectural fireplaces. They make moldings for columns, wall caps, fountains and chimneys, and offer more than 70 types of mantel designs. Their services also include making custom designs and finishes. Custom designs include state of the art gas fireplaces that are beautiful to look at and easy to maintain. There are extensive designs to choose from in accordance with measurements and efficiency.

The use of fireplaces is not just restricted to heating, but cooking as well. Earlier, fireplaces were used solely for cooking, and then evolved as a luxury item. Architectural fireplaces are not common to spot. They are referred to as collector's items, and have a historical significance. Kings of the Mogul empire installed precious and semi precious stone fireplaces, to make their guests feel at home. They are still in existence today and depict the royalty of that era.

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