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Custom Hardwood Floors

Wed 22 Nov 2006 - 15:03

Custom Hardwood Floors
By Marcus Peterson

Building your own home is a rewarding experience. It may be hard on the pocket and demanding on your time, but the joy and pride that come with it is worth all the hard work. A big part of building or rebuilding a home is the design of a floor. A favorite choice of material is hardwood.

Hardwood floors are already available in templates at all do-it-yourself or construction retailers. Customized hardwood floors are also available. And with easy installment procedures, all one needs is some research. A wise move is to complement the design of the house with that of the hardwood. This way the floor won't awkwardly stand out. Hardwood, in contrast to tile, granite, marble or flooring of the like, usually sets a classic or vintage look and it will go along well with most furniture.

Choosing the Right Kind

Another thing to look after is the size of planks for the flooring. Shorter strips of hardwood, for example, are good for smaller rooms. Although customization is limited only by one's imagination, it is still best to go with safe and dependable conventions.

Squares on the floor spell a hint of control and masculinity while circles and round shapes bring continuity and perfection. Long horizontal lines make eyes sleepy and are good for bedrooms and lounges. Living rooms and dining rooms are commonly have vertical floorings, relative to the position of the table. They are usually the centerpieces of the house. Hardwoods with light colors are chosen to compliment a chandelier or the lighting. Consistency in flooring is also important, and most modern homes don?t change the flooring according to room function. What is important for customizing hardwood floors is to ultimately provide a definitive look that will enhance the interior of the house.

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