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Restoring Hardwood Floors

Wed 22 Nov 2006 - 15:19

Restoring Hardwood Floors
By Marcus Peterson

Hardwood flooring adds warmth, texture, and charm to any room. The simplicity of the natural patterns and colors compliments any furniture. But while wood lasts generations, it also requires proper care. And even with constant polishing, the floor will eventually show some wear and tear.

Weather and the amount of moisture affect the texture of the material. Some kinds of wood expand or contract, depending on the elements reacting with them, affecting the level, or evenness, of the floor. Over time, hardwood floors lose their luster or shine and show scratches and bumps.

Old hardwood floors may show stain. Areas where friction always occurs, like doorways, develop a lighter shade. So do those under appliances or heavy furniture.

Keep the Hardwood Floor Looking Great

Some people love the charm of old-looking hardwood floors, the kind that evoke history and elegance. Of course, looking like it was from a past era is different from it looking like it went through a disaster. There are certain techniques to achieve that antique look without sacrificing quality.

A solution to restoring hardwood floors to their former glory is sanding. You may hire a contractor to do the restoration for you, as it will require a tremendous amount of time and skill to pull off a project like this.

Another procedure you can take is the reapplication of a coating to restore the shine on the wood. This can be done at a minimal cost. Eventually, though, you may have to resort to sandpapering the whole area to give it a new layer.

Maintaining the Floor

Water and friction are the worst enemies of wooden floors. Moisture causes stains and disfigurement. Constant rubbing against the surface causes scratches and bumps.

The best way to maintain the quality of your floor is through proper maintenance. Wipe up water spills immediately, do not rub alcohol on the surface, and do not use wet mops to clean the floor. When moving furniture, carry it or put rags under the legs to minimize friction.

Waxing the floors may also help prolong the polished look of the floor. Too much, however, may cause you trouble afterward. It may be difficult to sand floors that are heavily waxed. But to make sure you get your floors back to their original beauty, get expert help for the restoration.

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