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What Are Differences Between Natural Cleaning Products And Other Chemicals

Mon 07 Jan 2008 - 08:34

What Are Differences Between Natural Cleaning Products And Other Chemicals
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Maurice_Manhattan]Maurice Manhattan

Cleaning Products are now changing from using harsh chemicals to using natural ingredients. Why the sudden change and what are you receiving using natural cleaning products around your home.

First off natural cleaning products are safe to use around the house. These ingredients and special formulations are quite beneficial. For example, there are natural mold cleaning products that are made of entirely organic household items. The items have been formulated together to remove and protect you and your family from another mold event. So why go organic rather than chemical.

Chemical are good for select situations, although you will notice the difference in smells and irritations. Bleach is a common household cleaning product, but what some do not know that this cleaning agent is very harsh and can due damage if inhaled to the system. In soap scum and mildew around the bathroom, bleach was a common product used. As we are now finding out mold and mildew and soap scum will come back. This is because while bleach is an harsh chemical to clean it does not do itself justice in preventing soap scum in your bathroom or kitchen tile.

Since these chemical products are very intrusive to the system, they are used sparingly and can have some horrible reactions to select individuals. These individuals who are affected by chemical cleaning products can have some serious symptoms that will turn your body into a chemical playground. If there is one way to go it is recommended to use natural cleaning products for most situations. The formulations are becoming stronger so comparison is not a problem. Which cleaning product is stronger is no longer a factor. Formulations are developed so there is very impressive results. Be safe and go green for most situations. These green cleaning supplies will save you, your children, and pets.

I for one had inhaled bleach and let me tell you the results are not something to play around with. Use [http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Remove-and-Prevent-Mold-the-Effective-Way]natural cleaning solutions to get rid of mold, soap scum and regular house cleaning. This can save your insides and have a better long term effect in household cleaning projects. Many times mold cleaning and household cleaning involve reapplication every few months. Be sure not to poison your self with cleaning products that will hurt your lungs.

There is a huge reason why professional cleaning companies are going green. This is simply because they are avoiding any chances of lawsuits. By cleaning in homes with organic ingredients they do not have to ask the home owners to leave the home. They also are not concerned with the air and indoor air quality. This is a huge benefit for mold cleaning and mold remediation companies where usually there are large lawsuits to be settled. The last thing any mold contractor will want is a hefty lawsuit because the product is worse off than the mold in the house hold.

Maurice Manhattan

Discover more about [http://www.propertyperfections.net]natural cleaning products that are designed to battle black mold and mildew. Find answers to all your mold problems with Maurice Manhattan. Mold treatment protocols and other helpful tips to better [http://www.mold-removal.biz]household cleaning products.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Maurice_Manhattan http://EzineArticles.com/?What-Are-Differences-Between-Natural-Cleaning-Products-And-Other-Chemicals&id=900946

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