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Water Treatment by Using Ozone

Tue 19 Jun 2007 - 14:45

Water Treatment by Using Ozone
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=David_Faulkner] David Faulkner

No water is ever pure. It is a little bit of a fairy tale when you think that water can be. Water is a universal solvent. When water is given to the environment, it becomes immediately contaminated with many different organic and inorganic substances.

Not every one of the contaminants is bad for you. Some of them can be toxic for humans to consume. The water treatment systems are designed and necessary for removing these substances from your water and giving you clean and safe water to drink.

There are many different water treatment systems to choose from. It will depend on the water that you are trying to get treated. One of the water treatment methods that you may want to try is known as the ozone water treatment method.

What is meant by ozone?

Ozone or O3 is a gas that has no color or smell to it. The ozone gas will have a reaction with anything that it comes in contact with. Because of this reaction, the ozone is used largely for cleaning and disinfecting things. The ozone gas is so highly reactive that it will cause corrosion on the things that it meets. Ozone is a great way to disinfect and clean but, for living tissue contact, it can be damaging in great ways.

Why Use Ozone Gas To Treat Water?

It is a very easy answer; ozone is the greatest biocide that is available. It reacts in a big way with the water and this makes it a great thing for water treatment. Ozone gas will kill viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and fungus in the water. It can also stop scale deposits from forming and causing hard water to occur.

In certain research studies, legionella has also been destroyed by ozone gas. Legionella is a bacterium that is found to thrive in cooling towers. Every test that has been done shows that by sending ozone gas into the cooling tower will lower the bacteria counts and will provide standards for drinking water that is of a better quality. Ozone gas has also been shown to impact corrosion in the heat surfaces in a positive way.

Good Things For Ozone Water Treatment Use

The main good quality of using an [http://www.ewatertreatmentsystems.com/watertreatment/GE_reverse_osmosis_water.html] ozone water treatment system is that it is able to get rid of the microorganisms that are found in water. Biological films ore one of the worst problems facing today's supply of fresh water. By getting the biological agents under some sort of control, the ozone water treatment system can make sure that the water is free form viruses, bacteria, and other substances.

The ozone water treatment system will also help to eliminate the problem of scale deposits in the pipes. Because it inhibits the gathering of scale deposits, it will help to improve the work quality of the heat transfer surfaces. This ozone gas will make the system very good for industrial use and especially good for those systems that use water to heat or cool.

You can also find more info on [http://www.ewatertreatmentsystems.com/] water treatment and [http://www.ewatertreatmentsystems.com/watertreatment/Buy_water_treatment_online.html] extensive water treatment. eWaterTreatmentSystems.com is a comprehensive resource for water treatment with information on reviews, reverse osmosis and how it works.

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