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One Tiny Spider Can Cause Three Days of Pain

Sat 24 Feb 2007 - 07:06

One Tiny Spider Can Cause Three Days of Pain
By Troy Dobson

A lady called for service saying that her wall furnace would not light. It was pretty cold out at the time and I headed over to see what I could do. I am a firm believer in the idea that we should learn something everyday. This day would be no exception.

I arrived at the home of the customer and after a few minutes I determined that in fact the pilot would not light. The only hint that or what should have been a hint was that she had turned the gas off when the summer came. I attempted to trouble shoot the unit, with a wall furnace there only so many things that can go wrong.

I decided that based on the evidence at hand that the gas valve was bad and should be replaced. I picked up a new valve at the parts house and returned to the home of the customer to install the new valve. I installed the new gas valve and the unit started right up. The customer gladly paid me for my services and on my way I went. Two days latter I took another call for the exact same thing at another home and once again the only hint was that the customer had turned off the gas to the unit during the summer.

When I arrived I discovered that I could get the pilot to light but I could not get the main valve to open. I consider myself pretty sharp so this time I thought there must be something more to this than just a bad gas valve.

I took the old valve out and examined it closely as I peered into each hole I came to the gas inlet and inside there was a white disc covering the inside opening with a very small hole in it. I was very curious about this and took a small screw driver and carefully touched the white disc. I discovered that my screwdriver went right through and I was able to wrap the disc around the screw driver and remove it from inside the valve. The white disc was in fact a well built spider web and was keeping the gas from getting to the burner there was a very small hole that did allow the pilot to light. I turned the valve over and out fell the carcass of a spider. I put the valve back in the heater and it started right up. The small hole was allowing just enough gas through to light the pilot light.

I later checked the valve I took out of the home of the first customer and found the same white disc with another dead spider.

When the gas valve is open on a standing pilot style unit the pilot is lit and the spider will not take up residence, however when the gas is off it provides a small, dark quiet space for the spider or any small bug to hide in.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Troy_Dobson

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