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Kitchen Remodeling - Limited Budget Planning Ideas

Thu 22 Feb 2007 - 10:42

Kitchen Remodeling - Limited Budget Planning Ideas
By Johnathan K. Bakers

Kitchen remodeling can be done if you cannot stand your current one, but you are on a limited budget. You may not get your dream room or accomplish a total home improvement or decorating project, but you can renew your room. In fact, you can save money when you redecorate your kitchen.

The most expensive aspect of any kitchen project are the cabinets. You can update your cabinets inexpensively by painting over dated finishes.

You will need to sand your cabinets down, add a primer so the paint can adhere to the wood. Blocker primers are great for covering up stains, but make sure you pick the right paint for your cabinetry. You can save thousands, spending just hundreds and get new looking cabinets.

Alternatively, you may be able to afford refacing, which may need three or more thousand, but ultimately is still cheaper than replacing your cabinets. This way you put on new doors, drawer fronts, refacing material and hardware.

Your appliances will cost a fortune to replace, but at little cost, they can be refinished. Dishwasher, refrigerator and oven panels are replaceable, giving you a fresh look without the high costs.

Flooring costs are greatly reduced when you install them yourself. In the end you save a fortune doing anything yourself because hiring someone else means paying for labor. In fact, square tiles made of vinyl are the easiest to install, and the least costly of all the floor materials. Moreover, they are exceptionally easy to maintain and clean.

If you want a more dramatic affect for your kitchen, try the cheapest decorating project and the most fun - painting. You can create a fresh and interesting look by upgrading old kitchen walls with dramatic or subtle colour just by painting. You can create a larger kitchen with brush strokes.

Lighting is another aspect that can be easily changed and is very inexpensive. You can find a unique or classy chandelier to put over your kitchen table, just by simple replacing the lighting fixture you currently have. However, if you wish to add further lighting or want some accent lights then you will have to hire an electrician to do this.

There are so many different accents that can change the look of your kitchen; one's that do not cost too much money. They include: new curtains (bought or sewn yourself); decorative frames holding interesting and unique pictures; adding a stenciled border to your kitchen's wall; a flower-filled pitcher; a kitchen floor throw rug; new cushions on your kitchen chairs (bought or sewn yourself); and table coverings.

Johnathan Bakers regularly writes detailed articles on themes associated to home improvement. Recording his experience in detailed writings on kitchen remodeling the columnist improved his knowledge in the field.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Johnathan_K._Bakers

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