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Mobile Water Treatment Unit Helpful after Flooding and Disaster

Thu 08 Feb 2007 - 13:30

Mobile Water Treatment Unit Helpful after Flooding and Disaster
By Mandy Fain

Mobile water treatment units can be attached to a trailer and it can be rented for location projects. The unit is equipped usually with a reverse osmosis treatment membrane as well as filters and other steps to filter and clean water.

With a combination of the reverse osmosis and softening elements, the water is able to filter out water and give the water some balance. As you know, hard water consists of magnesium and calcium, when you add softeners it is able to neutralize the magnesium and calcium.

Reducing the fluoride in the water

They also will reduce chlorides and sulfur in the water, as well as, take out arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, and other ions that can cause heavy metal poisoning. It will allow you to clean the water in order to reuse it. They are used when it comes to oil field brine and mining tailings (or water recovered from within the mines). It is considered an industrial waste treatment, because it cleans the water that is found and then it separates the waste.

These systems are to clean the groundwater or storm water that is found in construction areas. It will work well when the air is highly contaminated with some type of micro-particles. Mobile water treatments will place drinking water chemicals into he water that is pumped.

Most of these machines can hold up to 12,500 gallons of water. It will discharge the solid material and sediments and is constantly processing the water so that it can eliminate as much of those contaminates as possible. The intake and discharge is sixty gallons of water a minute, so it is constantly taking more water in and releasing clear water.

Reducing problems with drinking water

The reason why many companies will rent this machines is so that they can get rid of the water that blocks or prohibits them from working and allowing the water to become cleaned and emptied into man holes. This is one way that construction and mining companies can be socially responsible. They clean the water before they dispose of them so that it doesn't harm anyone when they dispose of the water.

When a company rents one of this machines, they will spend somewhere between $900-$1200 a day to pump out the water from their work area. Mostly construction, mining, and oil companies will find the need to rent these machines to help them with their work. They will do their best to get out as much water at once as possible so that the water can be pumped out quickly and so they can reduce the renting costs of a mobile water treatment.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mandy_Fain

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