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Water Treatment Can Save Your Clothes From Turning Brown

Mon 05 Feb 2007 - 09:39

Water Treatment Can Save Your Clothes From Turning Brown
By Rich Fuller

Have you noticed that sometimes when your clothes come out of the dryer or wash they have stains all of them? The stains are usually brownish, reddish, and caused by iron. Those with private water supplies will usually have these problems if they live in a high mining area. Any well can cause your clothes to have spots. However, it is the iron in the water that happens to be a source of the problem.

If you have ever heard of anyone saying that they have hard water, it is because they have a high level of metal in their water. If you have a high level of iron, sulfur, or other metals or minerals, you have hard water. The solution to your problem is not complicated, however the system can be. You will need a water soften to help treat your water. If you do not have private water, meaning well water, but are on a public system, you may need to have someone check your pipes for corrosion.

You may need to replace your water pipers, or you may also need to install a softener. Those who are on public water may need a water softening system because the area that you live in has old, corroded pipes.

Most people will treat their water with salt, which will counteract the metals and make break them down. This is one way that you can avoid the spots on your whites and other laundry. The best way to save your clothes is to use appropriate detergent and at temperatures recommended for your clothes. You also will want to use plenty of water softeners along with installing a softening unit. Most of the time you will place salt in the water and as it is filtered through the water-softening unit you are able to break down the metals so that they do not leave deposits on your clothes.

However, you should know that if you have a water-softening unit, you would not have to worry about the spots, but the holes. You will not be able to tend the life of the clothes, but you should be able to keep them from looking dingy and keep their bright colors. Your whites should be able to stay white. The holes come into play after several washes. Remember, you are using salt to treat your water and it has plenty of strong compounds that can break down your fabrics.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rich_Fuller

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