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Testing Your Water at Home for Low PH Level

Mon 05 Feb 2007 - 09:41

Testing Your Water at Home for Low PH Level
By Rich Fuller

Water treatment is an area that many people do not think about until they notice something is wrong with their water supply. Living in an area 'out in the country' in a rural area or in the suburbs and you have a well, it would be in your best outlook to have your water tested, and then treated is needed. A water treatment for low ph levels in the home is readily available and much more affordable that you might have thought. Those who have wells are encouraged to test their water for their own benefits and for the prevention of possible future health problems.

If you want to determine just what is in the water you are drinking or if you want to know how safe the water is in a residence before purchasing a home, a water test can be done. From there, you will need to learn about the water testing methods used, and which one is going to best service your overall personal needs.

Water treatment testing for low ph involves personal testing, done by you, or a testing laboratory that specializes and is professional in water testing can also complete it. Water treatment testing is completed for microbiological coliform. This type of testing should be done yearly for the best well water protection. Coliform is the bacteria that lives and grows in the water, and will harm your stomach, intestines and organs if one is not careful. Not all water is going to contain coliform, and not all water is going to require treatment, but if you have coliform in your drinking water you will need to have some type of treatment for your water to provide your family with clean drinking water.

Some factors are going to interact and determine the results of your water testing. The water treatment low ph factors could include those of water that is acidic. Water that is acidic has a ph balance that is less than seven. You can easily read the levels of ph using any simple water testing kit. Many testing kits are available in retail stores, and also from you local agricultural representatives or from local farming centers. If you have a low ph level, it could be that the copper piping is starting to have problems, which is known as leaching. If you find that, there is a blue or green tint to the copper in your home, this could be the case, and not heavy acid in the actual water you are getting from the ground.

Use a water treatment for low ph if you have low ph water problems. If you find that your well water is fine now, you should recheck your water in another year to prevent health problems and water problems in your home.

Learn more about hard water treatment on our site. You'll also find other information such as water filtration for drinking purification and residential water treatment. eWaterTreatmentSystems.com is a comprehensive resource for water treatment with information on reviews, reverse osmosis and how it works.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rich_Fuller

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