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Gas Fireplace Inserts Can Help Energy Efficiency

Wed 31 Jan 2007 - 11:20

Gas Fireplace Inserts Can Help Energy Efficiency
By Terry Edwards

While we all enjoy the beauty and sounds of a wood burning fireplace, nothing compares to the efficiency of a gas fireplace. They also provide a cleaner burning fire, they are safer to use, and easier to work with.

The question I hear a lot is, "How can I have a gas fireplace, mine is wood burning?"

Well, there is no need to rip out your existing fireplace and spend thousands of dollars. The answer is to install a gas fireplace insert.

In simple terms, a gas fireplace insert will fit inside your existing fireplace and change it over to gas. You have the option of installing it directly in the fireplace or getting a ready-made factory unit.

As far as costs go, a gas fireplace insert can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

The design aspects are numerous. These inserts can come with brick and tiles already set in place, or they can be empty, allowing you the opportunity to add your own distinct design. To make things even easier, some units give the ability to simply slide tiles in place without having to permanently install them.

The biggest reason for installing a gas fireplace insert is of course, the energy savings. While a wood burning fireplace looks great, it is not efficient in heating a room without a blower. In fact, they actually suck the warm air out of the room and up the chimney.

A gas unit will allow you to add a metal grille to aid in heating your room. If you only use your fireplace for an occasional fire, you won't need a grille.

So, don't think it will cost thousands, or require you to tear out your existing fireplace to change over to gas. With a gas fireplace insert you can do it quickly and affordably.

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Terry Edwards is the owner of Fireplaces A-z, a website providing great information about fireplaces and fireplace accessories. You can learn more about Gas Fireplace Inserts as well as much more information on all types of fireplaces at http://www.FireplacesA-z.com

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