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 Home Heat Recovery & Ventilation Services

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Name: Home Heat Recovery & Ventilation Services
Categories: Environmental Services/Air Treatment Services
Address: 81 Harcourt Green, Charlemont Street, Co. Dublin
Phone: (083) 0023939
Email: sales@homeheatrecovery.com
Web: http://www.homeheatrecovery.com
Established: 2006

Design, sales and installation of heat recovery ventilation and duct-work for an energy efficent home.

What is Heat Recovery Ventilation?

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) provides a continuous supply of fresh heated filtered air throughout a building, extracting its heat from the warm air that is expelled. Aside from providing a highly efficient way of saving on heating bills, this provides many health benefits, including alleviating the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and other allergies by providing a clean supply of air free from dust, dust mites, pollutants and other irritants such as pet hair. It's a must for clean modern healthy living of today. We have many types of heat recovery units to fit your size of home from apartment living to any size of house.

Benefits of Heat recovery systems

Reduce your home heating bills and save you money
Provide a continuous fresh clean supply of air to your home
dust and allergy free environment for a healthier standard of living
exhausts toxic carbon monoxide gas
exhausts cancerous radon gas
Humidity control which eliminates any condensation and mould
Improves energy efficient grading of your home
Filters out pollutants that cause many allergies and health problems

How it works

The system consists of a main unit which removes moist and stale air from parts of the building such as utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. At the same time, the system takes in fresh air from outside, and using a heat exchanger transfers up to 70% of the heat from the stale air to the incoming fresh air. By keeping the two bodies of air separate, any removed moisture, dust or particles cannot return into the house. The stale air is then released outside, and the fresh clean filtered, warmed air is distributed into bedrooms and living room to provide a nice warm living household.