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Terms & Conditions & Guidelines to reviewing and rating

Please read the Terms & Conditions & Guidelines before signing up to rate & review

Explanation of terms used in rate & review service


  • Overall service - based on average rating of 5 criteria below
  • Work Quality - professional, good execution of all tasks producing high quality work
  • Reliablity turns up as promised and completes work according to committed schedule
  • Competence knowledgeable, works safely and according to customer requirements
    Cleanliness Completes work in a clean and tidy manner, ensuring no damage to surrounding area/environment and cleans up afterwards.
  • Value for money Price paid is good value relative to quality of service & relative to other similiar service providers.
  • Additional comments on supplier (We invite you to add any helpful hints,information or advice you have that may be helpful to other customers in relation to supplier or service):

  • Overall service - based on average rating of 5 criteria below
  • Product Range Range of products based on what is advertised
  • Staff Product Knowledge Staff listen to your requirements & suggest a suitable product/suitable product options depending on budget/requirements.
  • Value for money Relative to quality of Product. Value for money relative to other suppliers of similar products.
  • Customer Service Service level when visiting outlet/retail premises and after service
  • Availability & Delivery Timeliness of product/service
    Delivery/Reliability. Follow-up after sales if applicable (e.g. fitting of products/materials as agreed at point of sale)

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