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Choosing a bathroom is one of the hardest-working spaces in the home. Ensure that the right number of bathrooms to bedrooms ratio is used. There is a wide range of luxury bathroom equipment available to meet all budgets. Ensure that there is room for an individual shower enclosure and bath - or if not, consider a wet room (a fully sealed bathroom with the drain in the centre of the room).

Choosing the type of bathroom is not just a matter or taste but it is important that the requirements of the people who are to live there are taken into account. If the bathroom is not functional, everybody suffers. It is advised to keep all of its functions in mind when choosing the sink, tub, shower, toilet and other pieces. It is also important to consider what other functions can be incorporated into the bathroom with a little clever planning; a seat in the shower, a steam room or storage for linens.

Plumbing considerations will impact where showers and tubs are placed. Taking the tasks required to get ready for the day into consideration is a practical guideline in deciding the best layout. The objects used most often, as a rule of thumb, should be closest at hand.

Is it a formal space or a casual area? Many people tend to opt for motifs associated with baths, often water oriented; seashells, boats, piers, blue colorations and sandy beach colors are used. But the style can be a personal one. What materials will be practical? What are the inherent qualities and the drawbacks of materials such as tile or marble? Will the marble/tile stand up to heavy wear? Is polished marble floor more suitable than a natural marble? Are surfaces slip-resistant; natural materials may have a pitted surface that is more slip-resistant but also more likely to collect residue. What suits the requirements of those who will be using the bathroom most frequently?

When considering the plumbing fixtures what finishes and styles suit, from brass to stainless and all metals in between. Maintenance is an important factor to keep in mind especially in relation to bathroom fixtures. Elaborate fixtures may require more cleaning than others. Choosing the correct lighting is important in the bathroom where mirrors are present and mood is important. Appropriate task lighting for sink and shower areas need to be considered. Fabric and other accessories may be used to reduce the inherent harshness of many bathroom materials. Anything from towels and shower curtains to window treatments can bring a soft touch to a hard space. Plants and greenery can be incorporated in the bathroom; they can offset the square edges of the tiles/marble.

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