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Help! Water Rates - Clean withour excessive use of water!

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Green Queen

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:37 pm    Post subject: Help! Water Rates - Clean withour excessive use of water! Reply with quote

Hi Folks,

Worried about those impending water rates. Wondering what its going to do to the household budget or the business costs! Well read on, this is something that will be of interest to us all.

How many times have you cleaned a floor or a surface, it looks great when wet only to come back the following day to be disappointed by the residue & dirt still sticking to the floor? Wouldnt it be wonderful to have residue free, genuinely clean floors and surfaces (including glass, mirrors, granite, marble, stainless steel and much much more) with

no mess, no sponges, no dirty mops, no buckets, no hoses, no cleanup, no fuss, no smearing, no residue, no rinsing, no rinsemarks & absolutely no chemicals.

A system that uses 100% less water

A system that is 100% antibacterial, antimicrobial & antifungal.

A system that can produce a 100% product pedigree.

A system that is Safer, faster, better & fun

Sound too good to be true - Well its true & its here, and its taking off like wild fire. We have 100% uptake on the system on demonstration. We have endless references. We've all heard the wonderful sales pitches about products or services, along with the 'Green Washers' so we don't do the big pitch. We offer a full demonstration, no obligation and let you judge for yourself. The results cannot be equalled. Whether its for home making, a cleaning business, a eatery, whatever. It is unrivalled.

Interested in Toxic Free (but 100% more effective) cleaning.
Interested in reducing your product range to just one or two items?
Interested in saving a wad load of money by not buying loads of ineffective products?
Interesting in Faster, Cheaper, Better, Fun cleaning.
Interested in Safe Cleaning?

Read On.......................

Running a cleaning business, home or any facility is hard work & keeping the it sparkling clean & hygenic to the standards needed requires constant effort & vigilence. We are a new Company that are revolutionising cleaning all over the Country. We have one cleaning business based in Market Square Car Park, Mallow, Co. Cork demonstrating our cleaning methodology designed for the future. A future that includes now paying for our water. A future that means paying for managing our waste water.

We offer a new revolutionary cleaning system that is of benefit to all particularly those who need excessive water to clean at the moment. We need to change the way we clean! We can assure you that our system is faster, cleaner, less expensive & is 100% chemical free. I know, you've heard it all before & it turned out to be total rubbish. We've been there! But we can say this with confidence becuase if you are not delighted by the system (on demonstration) then we offer a 100% no quibble money back offer. We've never ever had to execute this clause.

Saying 'No' to toxic cleaning is extremely important today where being green is a distinct advantage over your competition & being chemical free whether in your home or business is extremely beneficial for people especially those whose health may be comprimised due to asthma, chemical allergies, illness and/or old age. The real icing on the cake is when you can produce cleaning results that cannot be matched you have a loyal following forever. You don't have to worry about competitors becuase they can't produce the same results.

This system has taken off all over like wildfire. Once we demonstrate the simple system we have 100% uptake & many referrals from there. The beauty of this system is that it helps to clean without excessive use of water. It isn't necessary. In fact water in our cleaning regime is both the solution & the problem. Water is so viscous that it runs all over the place taking the dirt with it. Then you have the detergents. Toxic, caustic, corrosive, ineffective, dangerous, expensive, need I say any more?

Our system is HSE recommended & product information is available along with the MSDS sheets where required. The system is based on micelles nano colloidal technology which allows chemical free cleaning but allows it to be 100% more effective than traditional caustic & corrosive cleaning. The system is simple which means you have no extensive or expensive product range and spend less time cleaning allowing you take on more customers or spend more time with family and doing the things you love. One or two products will clean & sanitise the whole place to a showroom shine & keep it that way. This cuts down on cost enormously.

We offer a no obligation free demonstration to all parties. Then you can judge for yourself that the system is all that we claim it to be. If you decide to use the system you can newsletter all your clients & families & prospective clients that you are now chemical free. This is very attractive and healthy to customers.

To find out more about our system log onto www.greenkleen.ie. We would like the opportunity to demonstrate it to you or your housekeeper. If you are interested in enquiring about our system please call us on 1800 948 360 and we will arrange an appointment.

We run the waterless system in the Car Park in Mallow Market Square to demonstrate how a filthy car can be cleaned without excessive use of water and how it can be done better, faster and cheaper. Everyone loves the result. The Car is not just clean but polished to a showroom shine leaving and all for just 10 euro! The finish lasts much longer than the usual hose down you get in the local garage, and much much better for your Car and of course the environment. Ultimately it saves 200 litres of water per car. This is a phenomenal way to save water without compromising the value of the service or the Car.

Come visit us! Visit our sites www.greenkleen.ie and www.greenvalet.ie.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone, questions, comments, advice, interesting news.....

The Green Queen
1800 948 360
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