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Pool Water

Mon 18 Feb 2008 - 10:02

Pool Water
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ben_E._Anderson]Ben E. Anderson

For those who own a swimming pool, the pool water condition is of the utmost importance. The chemical balance of the pool water and the amount of dirt, algae, leaves, and other foreign pollutants are directly related to the state of the pool water and the joy that we get from them.

Anyone who plans to install a pool should try to educate themselves about the properties of pool water. That includes what it takes to have a chemically well-balanced pool that is ideal for swimming in.

It helps to be aware that it is not only the chemicals that we add to the pool water, but the daily maintenance of removing small objects that can make the water appear dirty. A net to remove small objects on a daily basis is necessary for pool owners.

You can add all of the chemicals you want, but if the small foreign bodies like insects, leaves, grass, and so forth are not skimmed off with a net daily, your pool water will become dirty and unappealing. When taken care of right away it makes the cleaning job smaller than if you were to let it go for days.

Another important aspect of maintaining good pool water is keeping the right chemical balance in the pool itself. This is not guesswork and there are harsh reactions that you will experience otherwise. Water testing kits are readily available for pool water and they test anything from the level of chlorine to the ph balance of the water. Specific problems can be noted for example if the chlorine level is too high. Burning eyes and an overpowering chlorine smell can be the result of such a problem if the chlorine content of the water isn't balanced properly. Your chlorine indicator test kit will be an enormous help in keeping these levels on track.

Pool water algae is also a very common problem that pool owners face. Because algae once it has grown consistently acts as a type of food for existing bacteria in the pool, this creates a health hazard. Sometimes an algaecide is used to treat this problem and the balance of the free chlorine is affected by this. Again a pool water test kit is needed to ensure that the right amounts of chemicals are added to depleted chlorine content of the water. Overdoing it on chlorine makes the water too acidic and can damage skin.

Water purifiers and cleansers are also readily available but these are not used as a method of prevention, but for maintenance after the right chemical balance has been achieved.

It is important that the filtration system of any pool (this includes the pump) is capable of handling the volume of water contained in the pool. Not only does the pump circulate the much needed chemicals and additives that keep the water balanced, it also has a filter to aid in trapping unwanted debris that circulate in the pool. Well balanced and clean pool water not only makes for a safer swim but also maintains your pool so it will last.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ben_E._Anderson http://EzineArticles.com/?Pool-Water&id=990196

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