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fabianannoyed joined HomeWise.ie in January 2016, and has submitted 1 review.

fabianannoyed's Reviews

B & Q Warehouse, Dublin15 January 2016
Very strange experience when ordering kitchens: it really depends on whom you get assigned to your project. Even worse they are always understaffed, and if they have a sale going on, forget a call back! Also because their shifts are so variable, they play the game of passing the parcel between one another and so you have to keep repeating yourself to different people. After three near disasters, the head designer contacted me and he was much better to work with: knowledgeable and gave me practical advice. After making the final purchase, delivery was made on time: however when we opened the package weeks later (think foul weather later last year caused serious delays) we discovered that some items were missing. I called to speak with the lead designer only to find that he had left B&Q and several people took messages saying that I would receive a call back but to no avail. I finally escalated to speak with management, and even I though I believed that the message was faithfully passed on, management did not call me. I therefore called again asking to speak with management and they in turn put me on to the kitchen department. I was then told that the missing items would arrive more than two weeks later- never mind that I had engaged a carpenter to install the kitchen and would incur additional costs for the carpenter. When I highlighted this to Marchek(sp?) he told me that it was my fault and I should have done a thorough check of all delivered items!!! He also offered for the manager Paul, the department manager to call back. Do I ever believe that I will get a call from this manager? Perhaps someone with an ounce of shame may do so after they read this Product/Service Range 2
Staff Knowledge 1
Value for Money 2
Customer Service 1
Availability/Delivery 1
Overall 1.40